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Blue Running Dude Blue Running Dude Blue Running Dude Blue Running Dude Blip.Blip.Blip Blip.Blip.Blip Blip.Blip.Blip Blip.Blip.Blip

Phat Fish

Coming soon!

Blue Running Dude

An infinite running game.

Run as far as you can ...

Avoid obstacles ...

Avoid other runners ...

Avoid dogs ...

Avoid dancers ...

Running Dudes

But Running Dudes

is so important it is on the running dudes website!


A mazy, arcady, blastastic, retro, colourful game.

Eat Mushrooms.

Avoid Monsters.

Collect Cherries.

And Dice.

More on Blip.Blip.Blip

Well. I've always had a weakness for light, bright and shooty arcade games, ever since I first rested a pint of cider on a glowing space invaders games in a dingy pub.

And so we have blip.blip.blip.

No complexity. The rules on the left describe blip blip blipity blip pretty well.